Therapy Services

  • Assessment: In your first appointment you will have an opportunity to share your concerns with me so that we can see if we have a good fit. We will agree to a course of action, including how many sessions you would like to commit to and how often we will meet. I will answer any questions that you have and will have some of my own, too.
  • Individual Therapy: Private and confidential sessions where we discuss, explore your concerns and create solutions. Using diverse natural healing and therapy tools, we will work together to help you feel better about what you have experienced and chart a new course that feels better.
  • Couples Therapy: Couples sessions include education on positive communications, practice in how to listen and respond in productive ways and space to share your concerns. Between sessions there will be tasks for the couple to work on together to enhance the benefits of the counseling sessions.
  • Group Classes and Workshops on spirituality, natural healing, meditation and stress reduction.

Rates & Insurance

Individual Counseling Sessions: $95/ 1 hour session.

Couples Counseling Sessions: $125/ 1 hour session.

Group Meditation Classes, 90″: $25/each or $80/4.

Addition of Cymatherapy to Counseling Appointment – $20+ usual fee.

Intake Sessions (75”) – $125 individual session, $155 couples session.

Insurance is not accepted, however the fee may be negotiated as needed to enable you to come on a regular basis. If you prefer to use your insurance, I will give you a referral. I can also give you a receipt to submit to your FSA account or insurance carrier.