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Taking Stock

Taking Stock I don’t know about you, but I really feel for those hard-working people at our local grocery store on a Saturday. Trying to stock shelves with endless lines of customers in their way, veering their trolleys full of product away from inattentive shoppers who back up without looking, and waiting patiently to count…

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On Black Boxes, Brains and Being at Our Best after Trauma

Black Boxes If Captain Jean Luc Picard gets a little jumpy every time he sees a black cube, you have to forgive him. As the only person who has been assimilated by the Borg and lived to tell, we can assume he has some residual trauma symptoms, as would we (see “Star Trek, The Next…

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Beyond Wishin’ and Hopin’

What Used to Be By the time you get to about 40, you start seeing what everyone who went before you already warned you about. Things start repeating. People who vowed to never, ever be like their father are looking in the mirror at his “spitting image.” People who swore they would never choose a…

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Left Behind You may recall the song, “My Little Runaway,” by Del Shannon. Even though it’s a peppy song with a strong beat, it’s a bit sad. A guy whose girlfriend ran away without explaining is upset and wondering why. You can check out the song at YouTube. Another favorite that speaks to how it feels…

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From Purging to Pausing

If we have a home with a yard we may want to cut away the underbrush when bushes are overgrown and choking off new life. We cut back the trees at the end of the summer to allow a fuller expression of their beauty the next year. We do a clean sweep of the lawn…

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Safe Harbor

Respite~ When times are rough there are few things better than being held in a beloved friend or family member’s arms. Surrendering to the embrace of someone who really cares and can be there for us seems to make everything okay. The love and acknowledgement of our pain doesn’t solve our problems and it doesn’t…

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A Need to No

A Need to No~ We regularly encounter things in our lives that seem really hard to do. Rising to a challenge that seems insurmountable, coping with an unwanted diagnosis, committing to important life style changes, saying goodbye to someone we care about. Even showing up for something you really want to do but you are…

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Email Brain Gym~ I have this friend who shall remain nameless in this essay. He is the undisputed master of the terse reply. At least, in texts and emails. He excels at the one word answer and has taken to new heights the less-than-complete sentence.  I sometimes think he may be in the process of…

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A Meaningful Life

Later in Life~ I am blessed to work, play with and teach lots of people who past mid-life, many who are WAY past midlife! I have beautiful and enthusiastic seniors in their 90’s who come to me for counseling and who attend my dance, yoga and exercise classes.  I have been offering “senior-friendly services” since…

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