The moment we realize we need help and are open to receiving it, everything changes! We open the door to creative new ideas, to experiencing life supported and to receiving the benefit of new views on our challenges. Being in therapy is an incredible experience of coming out of isolation and recognizing that we only cut ourselves short when we rely on our own efforts to tackle big things.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Promise

Transformational Counseling with Dylan Mariah

What is offered when you commit to counseling is space. Just for you. A place where you can look inside and find beauty you never noticed before. A confidential place where you can speak your truth out loud and not have to try to accommodate or impress other people with it. A space that is open, with no expectations or limits on who you can be. In a way, counseling is like a learning laboratory. You get to explore who you are and who you can be. You get to learn about other options you weren’t given before. Most of all it’s a place to rewrite your life. Don’t like the one you are living? I can help you get free from the past and chart a new destination.

The Tools

The tools we have at our disposal are talking, meditation, guided body-centered processes, introspection, dreaming, journalling, and a variety of natural approaches to support wellness. Optional natural supports include cymatherapy, essential oils and Reiki. As the client you will find what you resonate most with and we create sessions that work for you. Many find just having a safe place to talk does wonders for how they feel! It is your experience. I will help you to be a success in changing what is not working in and about your life. What you bring is motivation and willingness to explore and grow.

“Your counseling experience should be much like how you want your life to be. Fun, creative, meaningful, peaceful, exciting, challenging and productive.

It should also, in a way, feel like coming back home. To you!”

What It Takes To Change

This is perhaps the hardest part. Scheduling your first session and then continuing to show up for yourself. It’s not always easy with all the demands on our time, yet it’s important. It’s about your life and your health. Make your counseling appointments a priority and everything will fall into place over time.

You are worth it!